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Monday, 27 June 2022
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Discussion on Implementation of Usakti FTKE Cooperation with FTM UPN Veterans Yogyakarta

On Friday, June 24, 2022, a discussion on the implementation of the Cooperation between the Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology (FTKE) of Trisakti University (Usakti) and the Faculty of Mineral Technology (FTM) of the National Development University "Veteran" Yogyakarta (UPNVY) was held. This activity was held in the meeting room of the UPNVY FTM building.

This discussion activity began with directions and remarks from the Dean of FTM UPNVY Dr. Ir. Sutarto, M.T. In his speech, he explained about the current condition of FTM, then introduced the leaders in the FTM UPNVY scope, besides that it was also stated that it was important to fill in the collaboration that had been initiated, so that it was not only symbolic, it was hoped that through this collaboration it could improve relations between faculties. and can be a center of excellence for both parties.

After hearing the directions from the Dean of the FTM UPNVY, then proceed with hearing the directions from the Dean of the FTKE Usakti, namely Dr. Ir. Muhammad Burhannudinnur, M.Sc., IPM. The directive started by introducing the team from FTKE who were present and then continued with a presentation that introduced FTKE to the participants who were present. What was conveyed was the profile of lecturers (starting from the ratio of education, gender, academic position, etc.), student profiles (student body to student targets per year), supporting facilities such as laboratories, several lecturer development programs, research and PKM including the number of journals, as well as the obstacles faced in the management of the study program. Related to filling in the Cooperation, it is hoped that there will be activities that can be carried out by study programs in the coming academic year.

After hearing the directions from the two faculty leaders, it was continued with a discussion initiated by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, FTM UPNVY, Mr. Dr. Ir. Barlian Dwinagara, M.T. It was said that the proposed activities to fill the current Cooperation that could be done were student exchanges, lecturer exchanges and research & PKM activities. After that, it was followed by input from the department heads and study program coordinators who were present.

The discussion from the FTKE Usakti was started by the Deputy Dean 1, namely Dr. Suryo Prakoso, S.T., M.T. it was conveyed that the proposal submitted by the leadership in the FTM UPNVY scope was the same as the one that had been designed by the head of the department / study program in the FTKE scope, what needed to be then carried out was a technical discussion in each study program. After the direction from WD 1 FTKE then heard an explanation from the head of the Department/Prodi in the scope of FTKE Usakti.

Based on the results of the discussions that have been carried out, there are 5 main clusters that can be carried out to fill the collaboration, including: journal cooperation, lecturer exchange, research and PKM, publications, and sharing laboratory resources and certification. After the conclusion of this activity, the activity was continued with a group photo. Regarding the technical discussion of the implementation of filling out the Cooperation, a separate discussion was held between departments/prodi.

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