Pedoman Skripsi Eng

Pedoman Skripsi Eng

Students are part of the academic community who are responsible for maintaining, developing, and disseminating science, technology and art through research activities and the preparation of scientific works. The Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology (FTKE) of Trisakti University requires its students to write scientific papers in the form of a thesis/thesis which is prepared at the end of their studies in the undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Thesis/thesis is a scientific paper containing the results of independent research by undergraduate/postgraduate students accompanied by a supervisor. This thesis/thesis is prepared to fulfill graduation requirements, as well as to provide opportunities for students to formulate ideas, concepts, thinking patterns and creativity in an integrated and comprehensive manner by following the rules of a scientific work. In this scientific paper, students must demonstrate scientific, creative, integrative thinking processes and in accordance with the disciplines and learning outcomes.

The difference between theses and theses lies in the depth of analysis carried out to meet the qualifications of each level of the IQF. Thesis is a scientific paper produced by undergraduate students (level 6 KKNI) while the thesis is a scientific paper for applied masters and masters level (level 8 KKNI). Thus, it can be seen that in compiling a thesis, a student is given the opportunity to apply the steps of a scientific approach to acquire knowledge, while when compiling a thesis, students are given the opportunity to make a new synthesis or apply existing knowledge. In simple terms, the thesis will answer “what” while the thesis will answer “what” and “how”.

The format for the preparation of proposals and reports on theses and theses must be uniform, so a guide is needed in their implementation. This guidebook for writing theses and theses includes being compiled with the aim of making it easier for students to compose proposals and thesis/thesis reports by containing an outline of scientifically rich writing procedures that become the standard for thesis/thesis writing for FTKE students, Trisakti University.

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