Juknis Eng

Juknis Eng

This Technical Guidebook is a complement to the Trisakti University Education Program Manual for the Academic Year 2021/2022 which contains information on the curriculum that has been prepared based on Outcome Base Education (OBE) and Merdeka Learning – Independent Campus (MBKM).

Operational Curriculum (KO) for the Academic Year 2021/2022 which converts the operational curriculum for the Academic Year 2019/2020, the curriculum refers to the Indonesian National Curriculum Framework (KKNI) which is used by adjusting to OBE and MB-KM, applied to the four existing Study Programs at FTKE USAKTI, namely the Bachelor Program in Petroleum Engineering, Geological Engineering and Mining Engineering and the Master Program in Petroleum Engineering.

This book contains information that all academics in FTKE USAKTI need to know, consisting of the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Faculty and Study Programs;

History of the establishment of the 4 Study Programs at FTKE; Organizational Structure and Human Resources; Education Programs, Curriculum and Accountability; Teaching and learning process; Quality assurance; Student Affairs; Services and Facilities; and Cooperation.

This Technical Manual must be a guide for all Lecturers, Staff and Students in the FTKE USAKTI environment.

This 2021/2022 Technical Manual has been updated from the previous year’s Technical Manual.

This year the curriculum has been compiled based on Outcome Base Education (OBE), so that the Graduate Profile and Learning Outcomes of each Study Program are also included. In addition, this technical manual is also equipped with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which are often required by students.

Furthermore, the previous rules and provisions that contradict those contained in this book are declared no longer valid. By reading, understanding and following the instructions contained in the Manual, Technical Instructions and Regulations at Universities, Faculties and Study Programs will help smooth study, achieve the Vision and Mission of the Faculties and Study Programs, which will support the realization of the development of a prosperous Indonesian nation. Amen YRA.

We would like to thank the Writing Team for this book which consists of the Deputy Deans, Heads of Study Programs, Assistant Deputy Deans, Lecturers, Heads of Administration, Heads of Subdivisions, Head of UPT and Education Personnel, may Allah SWT reward them. Amen YRA.

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