Education System

Education System

The education system that is referred to by all Departments/Study Programs within Trisakti University is the Semester Credit System (SKS), which can be defined as an education administration system that uses semester credit units (sks) to state student study load, student learning experience, lecturer workload and the burden of implementing the program.

Semester is a continuous part of time where students study with a number of credits that have been planned at the beginning of the semester. In each semester, a schedule of academic activities is arranged for 14 to 16 weeks. In addition to the implementation of lectures and practicums, during this period other academic support activities are carried out including assessment or evaluation of learning outcomes.

The Education Program at the Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology, Trisakti University consists of the Undergraduate Program (S1) and the Postgraduate Program (S2).

The Undergraduate Program (S1) of the Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology, Trisakti University has 3 (three) study programs, namely, the Petroleum Engineering Study Program, Geological Engineering and Mining Engineering.

Postgraduate Program (S2) Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology Trisakti University Postgraduate Program in Petroleum Engineering Specializing in Field Management

SARJANA (S1) Strata 1 Teknik Perminyakan – Teknik Reservoir
– Teknik Produksi
– Teknik Pemboran
– Peningkatan Perolehan Minyak
– Penilaian Formasi
– Panas Bumi
– Teknik Ekploitasi Gas Bumi
Teknik Geologi – Migas dan Panas Bumi
– Geologi Teknik dan Lingkungan
– Geologi Sains dan Kelautan
– Pertambangan dan Mineral Industri
Teknik Pertambangan – Tambang Umum
– Batubara
– Ekonomi Mineral
– Geomekanik
– Mineral Industri
PASCASARJANA (S2) Strata 2 Teknik Perminyakan Pengelolaan Lapangan Migas